Come Away

by Eva Salsbury


Loss of Joy…Loss of Peace…Loss of Contentment…Loss of Purpose and Passion. 

Do any one of these words describe you?  I am sure there are many more descriptions that come to mind that fit your own personal place of struggle.

I was reading in Mark 6:31-32 this morning and these words really caught my attention…

“And He (Jesus) said to them, “Come away by yourselves to a secluded place and rest a while.”  (For there were many people coming and going, and they did not even have time to eat.)  They went away in the boat to a secluded place by themselves.”

 Jesus spoke these words to His disciples after having sent them out by pairs to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and heal the sick.  They were busy doing good deeds and now they were tired and weary.  Jesus was trying to teach them a very important aspect of the christian life.

I don’t know about you, but this is one of my biggest struggles as a mom, wife, and the many other hats that I wear.  I constantly have to re-evaluate my priorities, duties, and most importantly…my relationship with God.  If I, in the middle of all my “good-doing”, find myself exhausted, weary, and alone, then I have to stop and ask myself…”Am I carrying yokes that I was not meant to carry?  Am I so busy that I don’t even have time to read His Word and soak in His presence?”

Jesus’ words in Matthew 11:28-30 have brought me such comfort in times of weariness and loss of passion…

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavy-laden, and I will give you rest.  Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you WILL FIND REST FOR YOUR SOULS.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”

Dear sisters in Christ, we were not meant to carry our burdens alone.  Jesus is our yoke bearer…let Him strengthen your tired and weary souls, for He alone knows how to carry your burdens best.  Come away with Him to a secluded place…and He will show you great and mighty things which you have not even heard or seen…words of life, strength, and vision for each new day!

Many Blessings!

Eva Salsbury

Faith Kill – Please Pray!

By Eva Salsbury



Faith Kill, daughter of Gary & Tammy Kill, is a 4 year old little girl who has an identical twin sister named Joy.  Just recently on Sunday evening, May 22nd 2011, Faith suffered a terrible riding lawn mower accident which left her with multiple serious injuries to her legs.  She is currently hospitalized at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio where she has already undergone several surgeries and procedures.  She will remain hospitalized for several more weeks as doctors continue to determine each day how to proceed in her healing process.

As a result of this injury, multiple financial costs have become an added burden for the Kill Family.  Faith’s mother, Tammy, who is a hospice nurse at St. Rita’s hospital in Lima, Ohio, had to delay working in order to be with Faith during this time.  Also, hospital bills are rising fast and many bills in their own home are demanding attention, along with 7 of their other children to care for.

We are asking for your help financially and prayerfully for Faith and her family during this difficult time.  For additional donation’s and information on Faith’s recovery process, please contact: or 419.302.2542 (Eva Salsbury, Faith’s aunt)

Thank You and God Bless! 

Kill Family

Mercy Fall On Me

by Tammy Kill

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think, really? I’m back in this place again?

This place of struggling to know who I am in You, and what this life is all about?  How can I feel like this again?  The truth is, this walk with God our Father, is not based on a feeling, but a constant daily walk with a Father.  Just like I when I was a little girl, the constant falls and mistakes, and yet my dad was there to pick me up, brush me off, and give me the push, and the hug I needed.  God is that for all of us, He Can Not and Will Not stop being that loving hand in your life.  The same ache you feel when your children fall and get hurt, that’s only a fraction of what He feels towards us.


‘Mercy Fall On Me’

Here I am longing for You, I’ve set myself apart again,

So here I come, I bow before You,

Then I feel You’re loving hand


I feel Mercy

Falling down like rain

I feel Your mercy

This love I can’t explain

How You take this broken soul

Let Your Spirit take control

And I feel Mercy fall on me.


So here I stand trusting in You, Can’t explain this love You give,

I just know I’m Your child and You’re my Father

So all the Praise to You I give.


Oh Your sweet Mercy

Falling down like rain

Your sweet Mercy

Keep Going

Poem by Mitzi Crawford
Keep going, I know it’s tough.
Keep going when the road is rough.
I am with you.
I cry when you cry.
I laugh when you laugh.
When you hurt I feel your pain.
Keep going, I am cheering you on.
I am waiting to give you good gifts.
I love you
There is nothing you can do
To change my love for you.
So keep going!
If you fall down,
I will pick you up.
I’ll always be there.
Keep going!
Press on to the high calling
I have for you.
No eye has seen,
No ear has heard,
The plans I have for you.
Skip, jump laugh, sing
Let the joy of the Lord be with you.
Keep going!

The Lap Of God

    by Tracye Wheeler   

    As a small child I can remember going to my grandparents home for much anticipated week-end stays; just me–alone with my grandparents.  What wonderful memories I have of those times.  Their home and love for me was my safe haven–my refuge.  How I cherished those times, and now I cherish the memories of those times.  At their home was unconditional love and plenty of encouragement–a place where I could rest and draw strength–a place of peace.

    I can remember curling up on my grandma’s lap whenever I wanted and laying the side of my face on her chest, listening to her rhythmic and unchanging heartbeat.  She would wrap her arms around my small body and tell me how much she loved me; and I would tell her how much I loved her too.  She would kiss the top of my head and rock me back and forth in her arms.  There I would rest and draw strength in the safety of her love for as long as I wanted.

    There are so many different aspects to our prayer life– our devotions and meditations with the Father.  We intercede on behalf and pray for others.  This is a good thing.  God tells us in His Word that we are to do this; but there is another side to prayer that we must never neglect.  That is our personal time with the Father; our secret time–our time of intimacy between Him and us–between me and the Creator of my soul.  What a magnificently beautiful thing!  When done as God intended there is nothing that can compare.  This time of intimacy with the Father cleanses the heart, soul, and mind of each individual as words cannot express.

    He longs for us, just as much as we need it, to come into His presence as a small child, curl up on His lap, lay the side of our face upon His breast, and listen to His constant and unchanging heartbeat.  He will wrap His arms around us and tell us how much He loves us.  We will, in return, tell Him how very much we love Him also.  He will then kiss the top of our head, and rock us back and forth in His arms.  There we will remain for as long as we want–resting and drawing strength from the safety of His love.  For in His presence, wrapped in His arms, there is unconditional love and the opportunity to refuel our soul tank with all the love, peace, rest, and encouragement necessary to take us from one day to the next of fulfilling His will in our lives before returning for another soul tank refill.

    He has made a way for us.  We only need to take the necessary steps of coming into His presence and finding that warm, soft, and safe place in the lap of the only One who loves us with a love that is uncomprehendable to our human mind.

    Don’t waste another day.  Find Him and rest in the safety of His love.  For there we will find the peace our soul so desperately longs and searches for.

Inviting You To Come,


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