Mercy Fall On Me

by Tammy Kill

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think, really? I’m back in this place again?

This place of struggling to know who I am in You, and what this life is all about?  How can I feel like this again?  The truth is, this walk with God our Father, is not based on a feeling, but a constant daily walk with a Father.  Just like I when I was a little girl, the constant falls and mistakes, and yet my dad was there to pick me up, brush me off, and give me the push, and the hug I needed.  God is that for all of us, He Can Not and Will Not stop being that loving hand in your life.  The same ache you feel when your children fall and get hurt, that’s only a fraction of what He feels towards us.


‘Mercy Fall On Me’

Here I am longing for You, I’ve set myself apart again,

So here I come, I bow before You,

Then I feel You’re loving hand


I feel Mercy

Falling down like rain

I feel Your mercy

This love I can’t explain

How You take this broken soul

Let Your Spirit take control

And I feel Mercy fall on me.


So here I stand trusting in You, Can’t explain this love You give,

I just know I’m Your child and You’re my Father

So all the Praise to You I give.


Oh Your sweet Mercy

Falling down like rain

Your sweet Mercy

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