The Lap Of God

    by Tracye Wheeler   

    As a small child I can remember going to my grandparents home for much anticipated week-end stays; just me–alone with my grandparents.  What wonderful memories I have of those times.  Their home and love for me was my safe haven–my refuge.  How I cherished those times, and now I cherish the memories of those times.  At their home was unconditional love and plenty of encouragement–a place where I could rest and draw strength–a place of peace.

    I can remember curling up on my grandma’s lap whenever I wanted and laying the side of my face on her chest, listening to her rhythmic and unchanging heartbeat.  She would wrap her arms around my small body and tell me how much she loved me; and I would tell her how much I loved her too.  She would kiss the top of my head and rock me back and forth in her arms.  There I would rest and draw strength in the safety of her love for as long as I wanted.

    There are so many different aspects to our prayer life– our devotions and meditations with the Father.  We intercede on behalf and pray for others.  This is a good thing.  God tells us in His Word that we are to do this; but there is another side to prayer that we must never neglect.  That is our personal time with the Father; our secret time–our time of intimacy between Him and us–between me and the Creator of my soul.  What a magnificently beautiful thing!  When done as God intended there is nothing that can compare.  This time of intimacy with the Father cleanses the heart, soul, and mind of each individual as words cannot express.

    He longs for us, just as much as we need it, to come into His presence as a small child, curl up on His lap, lay the side of our face upon His breast, and listen to His constant and unchanging heartbeat.  He will wrap His arms around us and tell us how much He loves us.  We will, in return, tell Him how very much we love Him also.  He will then kiss the top of our head, and rock us back and forth in His arms.  There we will remain for as long as we want–resting and drawing strength from the safety of His love.  For in His presence, wrapped in His arms, there is unconditional love and the opportunity to refuel our soul tank with all the love, peace, rest, and encouragement necessary to take us from one day to the next of fulfilling His will in our lives before returning for another soul tank refill.

    He has made a way for us.  We only need to take the necessary steps of coming into His presence and finding that warm, soft, and safe place in the lap of the only One who loves us with a love that is uncomprehendable to our human mind.

    Don’t waste another day.  Find Him and rest in the safety of His love.  For there we will find the peace our soul so desperately longs and searches for.

Inviting You To Come,


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Carol Howard
    May 02, 2011 @ 21:58:58

    Thank you for this “Lap Of God”. I love spending time with God just like you wrote. That is the only time I have found peace on this earth. Sometimes I get afraid of all the things that are happening on the news, but I know God is in control & He takes care of his Children.


  2. heartofgodministry
    May 15, 2011 @ 00:10:06

    Hi Carol…this is Eva Salsbury. I just now realized how to reply back to you…we’re a little slow at learning all the in’s and out’s to blogging.
    It is so good to here from you! How are you doing? I will be sure to show the ladies your reply…now that I know a little better what I’m doing!
    God Bless you and we are so glad to hear that the article from Tracye was a blessing to you!
    Many Blessings,


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